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The most famous story about Diogenes, is how he searched for an honest man during the daytime with a lamp. Ability to free oneself from dogmas of religion and culture

Наиболее известна история о Диогене, как он днём с фонарём искал честного человека. Cпособность к освобождению от догм религии и культуры

B.S. foto 1 and foto 2 -- Kiev 88 crossprocessed Kodak Ektachrome 100 E-6 to C-41
foto 3 -- smena 8m fuji superia iso200

B.B.S. wasn't sure if it fits into this community, but decided to post and see what will happen. Can delete it from here if you will find it is not appropriate
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this is nice.

thanks for sharing.
thank you for understanding )