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Call for readers

I would like your input on a paper I'm writing. No specialized knowledge is required.

It is a theoretical paper studying human value judgments. If a person has a choice of starting a new company or taking a job in an existing firm, how is the decision made?
  • Suppose they start with this expression: 
    (expected value of becoming an entrepreneur) O (expected value of becoming a salaryworker)
    (Replace the O with <, >, or =)
This is broken into two main parts.
  1. First of all, what are the exact values at play in the decision (income, status?) and how are they discounted over time (into different variables)? I take a multidisciplinary approach to all of this -- a heady (haw, haw) mix of evolutionary psych and econ to break down each of the "expected values" into distinct universal variables.
  2. Secondly, I explore how the decisionmaking process is made. ("How do they solve the equation?") How does a person gather information to make their choice? How does their own experience with risk affect their decision? This part is grounded almost solely in psych research.
Most broadly, this is a paper about any decision to take a risk versus playing it safe, so it affects anyone anywhere at some time, and should be personally relevant to you (yay!). It also covers ground that has not been covered before, so it will be new and interesting (also yay!). If you're willing to give your brain a spin, please let me know if you'd be willing to read this one.

Please reply with your email address if you'd like to read!
I'm looking input on content first, style second. It's due Weds., March 14th, so I'll be fast both sending and corresponding. Thanks in advance, those of you who decide to help! :)
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