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Our childrens' minds are at stake!

Most reading this will have seen how creationists get their knickers in a twist over this-or-that ridiculous cartoon character or childrens programme promoting atheism or evolution or homosexuality or something (like here.)

Well watching Doctor Who (a British kids TV programme that it's okay for adults to like) recently, I noticed how there's a lot of 'insiduous Cartesian dualism' in many programmes, especially those aimed at children. For example we'll see machines capable of extracting a person's mind and putting it into someone else's body, we'll even see their 'spirit' floating from one head to another. And the children will just accept it as fact!!!!1

What are we doing to our children? Do we want the next generation to be ignorant of the problem interaction? Must we leave the little ones to be blissfully unaware of the problem of counting souls? Are we to leave them believing that no matter how many times they pound their friends over the head with a stick, their 'souls' will be unharmed? We're encouraging a generation of killers!

It gets worse! On other children's programmes, we see talking toy dogs, talking cats, talking pianos! Now we're confusing them further into an unthinking functionalism! Do they not realize the problems associated with the realization of mind in piano keys and piano strings? Soon our children will think that EVERYTHING is minded! Soon they'll be naming their alarm clocks and talking to their computers! And not a single one will have even heard of the Chinese Room!

In everyday life, totally unawares, children are being indoctrinated into believing in unthinking ideas about mind! 'Look into your heart' they're told - Aristotle may have thought that thinking happens in the heart, but surely we've moved on from there by now! As for talk of 'soul', like in a recent Doctor Who, well, I scarcely want to consider what bizarre concepts float around in the minds of young children!

We must be deeply disturbed by the infiltration of our culture by such disturbingly bad philosophy of mind! Our children's futures are at stake!

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